Party Vacations

Through partnerships with top notch tour operators, Whet Travel is able to offer you the world's best VIP Party experiences.

If you don't see the destination you would like us and we will create your dream party experience.

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Greece Packages!
(Athens, mykonos, & santorini)

Dates: Year Round, (May - October Recommended)
Prices: Starting at $2,599.00

Greece is one of the world's top 20 most visited countries and is known as one of the hottest party destinations in the world. You should consider our Greece package if you are into: Amazing Scenery, Awesome Beach Weather, Beautiful Islands, Meeting Friendly Locals, Nonstop Parties and Nightlife, Meeting beautiful people & Experiencing Amazing Archeological Sites

Columbia.jpgNational Beauty Pageant - cartagena, colombia

Dates: November each year
Prices: Starting at $1,499.00

The most beautiful women from all over the country compete to be crowned Miss Colombia. Colombia's National Beauty Pageant is held in Cartagena the second week of November. That week is absolutely nuts as the city erupts in Exclusive Parties, Parades, Beach Events, and the Best Nightlife in the country.

Ibiza, Spain - Summers

Dates: To be announced Call us 
Pricing: Starting at $3,999.00
Ibiza, Spain is known as the party capital of the world. It's the perfect combination of great weather, beautiful people, incredible beaches, and the hippest, most sophisticated nightlife in the world. If you would like to the first to receive pricing, contact us ASAP.

Carnival 2007 in Salvador and Rio de JaneiroCarnival 2013 in Brazil Packages
In Salvador, Bahia & Rio de Janeiro
Dates: February each year
Pricing starting at $2,999.00
(Ask about our payment plan)
The Carnival Package is the industry's best. If you are into 24/7 Partying, this is the package for you. The ultimate package includes 5 nights in Salvador, Bahia for Carnival and 4 nights in Rio de Janeiro for post-Carnival partying. The package is almost All-inclusive.
5 Days in Bahia also available
Miami - South Beach Packages
Dates: Year Round
Prices: Starting at $699.00
Miami is the hottest party destination in the United States. It has everything you want in a Vacation of Lifetime - A-list clubs, incredible parties, amazing beaches and beautiful looking people. If you are looking into traveling to our backyard of South Beach, book with Whet Travel. We provide you with hotel accommodations as well as VIP Access into Miami's hottest nightspots!!!
Punta Del Este, Uruguay Packages
Dates: December- January each year
Pricing Starting at $2,999.00

Punta del Este , Uruguay is called the St. Tropez of Uruguay for its miles of beautiful, pristine beaches, its upscale and exclusive resort tradition, famed nighltife, and the wealth of its summer visitors.
Rio de Janeiro Travel PackageRio de Janeiro Packages
Dates: Year-Round (except during Carnival), Fully Customizable
Prices: Starting at $1,399.00

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of if not the most amazing cities in the world. It has everything you want and need for a vacation of a lifetime. La cidade de Maravilha (the Marvellous city) is famous for being the party capital of the world and draws more tourism than just about anywhere.
Buenos Aires Travel PackageBuenos Aires Packages
Dates: Year-Round, Fully Customizable
Prices Starting at $1,749.00
Buenos Aires is often called the Paris of the Western Hemisphere for its European feel, architecture, and of course, culture. Unlike Europe, which is expensive, Buenos Aires provides you with world-renown nightlife, cuisine, and shopping for half the price.
rio de janeiro/buenos aires packagesRio de Janeiro/Buenos Aires Packages
Dates: Year-Round, Fully Customizable
Prices: Starting at $2,199.00
This is the ultimate party package!!! You get to experience the fun and sun in Rio de Janeiro and the European flavor and sophistication of Buenos Aires. Both destinations offer very distinct culture, but have two things in common, beautiful people and incredible nightlife.
Add-on packages in South America
Iguazu falls & Manaus/amazon Packages

Dates: Year-Round, Fully Customizable
Prices: Starting at $499.00
South America has some of the most incredible sites in the world. Whether you are into nature, beaches or culture, you definitely need to expand your horizons and visit these amazing places. We have currently added two destinations that are worth checking out. Whether you want to add them to your vacation or just go to one of these destinations, we can customize any package for you!