Organizing an event aboard a cruise ship requires a lot of considerations, and of course, one of them is cost. Whether you’re looking to put together the next hit theme cruise or hold your next company meeting aboard a cruise ship, finding out how much it’s going to cost to charter the ship is a critical planning step.

The answer is: it depends.

Several factors come into play that will affect the cost required to secure a cruise ship for your event. Do you want a half ship or a full ship charter? How many guests do you anticipate? Where do you want to sail to? How long will the charter be? When is your event?

These are all factors that will determine the cost of your cruise ship charter.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Charter a Cruise Ship

Cruise Line

There are lots of cruise lines that have ships available for charters. Like any industry, the cruise lines have positioned themselves to offer unique experiences. In order to differentiate themselves from each other, different cruise lines tend to cater to particular experiences by offering ship layouts, decor, staff experiences, and amenities.

Ship and Size

Within each of the cruise lines, there are different ships available for charters. These ships vary in amenities, destinations, and size. How many individual venues (and what types) will you need? Do you require specific amenities or features?

By answering these questions, the optimal ship and size can be chosen and help you determine the cost of your cruise ship charter.


One of the major draws of chartering a cruise ship is taking your guests to a desirable vacation destination. Different ports of call have different fees associated with having ships visit and your desired itinerary is going to play a key role in calculating costs.


Like any “rental”, how long you will be utilizing the services of the cruise ship and staff will be considered in determining the overall cost of your charter. Different cruise lines have different itineraries available and specific itineraries may have certain restrictions or stipulations.

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The cost to charter a cruise ship takes into consideration all of these factors and more.

By working with a seasoned organizer like Whet Travel that has connections with all of the top cruise lines and years of experience, you can rest assured that you’re working with a partner that can negotiate the best rates, ships, destination options, and more.

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