Ranked by Inc. Magazine as the #4 fastest growing travel company in the United States, Whet Travel’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down. With over 15 years of history in themed cruise events, Whet Travel consistently organizes unforgettable travel experiences for thousands of fans every year.

The company's name Whet Travel incorporates the word Whet, which means to excite. This value is ingrained deeply within the company and its that vision that pushes the organizer forward every year and enables them to create such immersive events.

Whet Travel coordinates several events per year in a variety of niches including electronic dance music cruises, heavy metal cruises, latin cruises, and even a relaxing zen cruise. These events consist of Groove Cruise Miami, Groove Cruise LA, Shiprocked, Inception at Sea, Motorhead’s Motorboat, The Zen Cruise, and Salsa Cruise.

In addition to giving fans memories for a lifetime aboard multiple themed cruise events, Whet Travel also gives back to the community. Destination Donation is one initiative within the Whet Foundation, Whet Travel’s charitable organization. Items are collected to donate to organizations in need at each destination visited during Whet Travel events. Attendees are encouraged to give back to the local communities visited during their experience by volunteering in the activities held of the organizations in need. Many attendees consider their experience with Whet Foundation’s Destination Donation program as the highlight of their cruise.

Whet Travel continues to innovate within the industry and sets the standard when it comes to immersive, unforgettable themed cruise experiences.

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