The Whet Foundation a Florida based 501c3 was conceived to develop the leaders of tomorrow through programs & initiatives centered on positive involvement in the community, and in ones self. By completing the goals set forth by the Whet Foundation in its programs & initiatives, youth participants can earn exciting experiences granted by Whet Foundation. Whet Foundation programs & initiatives are offered to deserving children in South Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico.


We identify students in our local South Florida community who exude leadership traits and share in our Whet mentality to engage peers in unique, exciting ways. These students complete educational criteria throughout the school year, which promote personal development and entrepreneurial spirit. The program concludes with an entrepreneurship competition, prizing the best concept with a family cruise sponsored by Whet Travel & Whet Foundation partners.


Whet Travel gives back to each destination visited through Whet Foundation’s program Destination Donation. Everyone on the ship will be asked to bring school supplies, clothing and other items generally for an orphanage or a local charity that works with underprivileged children. Then volunteers will be asked to help stuff backpacks to deliver to the kids and play with them. We are working to extend the program to take the orphans on to the ship while we are docked in the destinations to show them the ship and a program onboard of what’s possible and get them excited about life through this once in a lifetime experience. Many of the volunteers rate their Whet Foundation experience as the highlight of their cruise.

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